Wealth and “Money- iacs”


Social entrepreneurs seek to cure a hunger, not to create it
The parallel forces of just and unjust, equity and inequity, fair and unfair, in other words, pursuit to expose black as white and white as black, will guide the discussion on the day’s topic; social systems, capitalists and social enterprises.
For this specific discussion; we shall define a social system as an interdependent eco system of humans and their environment. We then derive a social enterprise to be a business in an eco system of the humans as part of their environment from which the two unilaterally derive their survival.

Therefore the inspiration that derives the motive to trade in social enterprises is the cause for problem solving, out of which the individual communities can and should derive hope, and a better standard of living. In other words, social entrepreneurs are identified as life changing and transformational characters in this modern era and age. They are the main brains behind human resource development for example building schools to provide affordable education, building hospitals to reduce child mortality rate etc. As a consequence such individuals enjoy societies acclaim and a sound global citizenship witnessed by their efforts to make the global community a better place for everyone to be.

Social entrepreneurs seek to cure a hunger not to create it, in other words, where there is hunger there is a need, and in this case the life blood of their businesses in turn relies on the rate of appetite returns by the consumer population.
Now, in as much as there is reason to celebrate social enterprise and entrepreneurs, there is cause to panic and be afraid. This is because an individualistic attitude has increasingly infiltrated the global commerce system. This brings me to two simple questions, if everyone is no longer for everyone, but for oneself instead, what will be the climax of all this madness? Secondary; If resources so supersede the cause for humanity, is it worth the accumulation of resources?

Now under normal circumstances it’s understandable for humans to be in stampede to accumulate resources because it’s where they derive a desired standard of living, moreover most technological advances are all built around the amount of resources available for the initial investment to realize cutting edge innovation from which society derives a higher quality of life. The shift in the global economic system from socialism to largely capitalism (Where wealth is controlled by individuals), also challenges the ideology of a community struggle (socialism) in the ability to accumulate wealth and do more development by nations over the last 100 years as proven by most world superpowers today.

However, the art of monopoly, majorly found in capitalism, where a few individuals benefit from the morphology of economies of nations also seems to be increasingly embraced, according to me this is where I find the biggest disease that needs to be cured urgently. Its true monopolists create innovations; businesses etc, from which the majority populations derive their living. Monopoly in business is important because it stimulates the need for an upward movement in accumulation of resources, however given that human wants are insatiable, this upward mobility may be delusional to the core reasons of entrepreneurship as earlier elaborated in cause for social entrepreneurship that when not checked may surmount into diminishing marginal returns on humanity’s existence.


Formerly humane social entrepreneurs will most likely and in most instances fore go the cause for problem solving/social transformation for abnormal profit gain, entrepreneurs already in the profit gain circus will definitely be usurped into profit maniacs and as a result, such people will begin to create a hunger where there is no need, inspire need where there is no hunger and when the worst comes to the worst create a need, a hunger and an appetite, simultaneously all in the name of money. When all that happens we shall allow ourselves the liberty to brand them “money-iacs.”


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