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Weasel outs new song against Chameleone

A few days ago we revealed how heavy weight Dr Jose Chameleone and his gang beat up younger brother Weasel Mayanja into a near comma.

Word reaching us from the first family of the Ugandan music industry has it that brawl inspired Weasel and his goodlyfe crew members who have unleashed a hot song from the whole saga.

The song was recorded on Friday and it was officially released on Monday. Those who have listened to the song reveal it is going to be one of the best songs for the Goodlyfe crew this year.

The song is titled Lwaki Tokula and its video will be out early next week because by the time we went to the press the crew was busy organizing its shooting. Weasel was beaten for what chameleone called disrespect towards him and the rest of the Mayanja’s family.

Chameleone intimated to us that the beating was about family issues because Weasel has been playing hide and seek with his parents and even refusing to pick their calls try to dodge discussing certain family issues.


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