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Baby Girl Born in Mityana with Two Heads

A woman in Mityana has given birth to a baby with 2 heads. Mary Nakasi a wife to Ismail Sentongo of Malangala in Mityana district gave birth to the baby girl at 2:00am on Tuesday.

The baby is in a good condition but the head on top is bigger than the head attached to the baby’s body.The head on top has no ears, eyes , nose and mouth.

The baby was delivered from Mityana Hospital in the  caesarian section . Though the mother she is experiencing post natal pains she is in a good condition.

Since morning people have been flooding the hospital but they are not allowed into the ward because this will exposed the baby to infections.

The baby’s father Sentongo has appealed to the Ministry of Health to come to their aid to see that their child is operated because he has no money.

This is not the first time for a baby in such a situation to be delivered. Same incidences have happened in China, Bangladesh, America among others. An example of a baby  in a similar situation like the one born in Mityana hospital.

In Uganda the first conjoined twins were born in 2001 and they were successfully separated from America.

The second pair was born on June 2011 and they were successfully operated in Egypt. They were joined at the chest, abdomen and they shared a liver and a sternum.

2 more conjoined twins were born in July and August but they died immediately after birth.

In October 2011, another set of conjoined twins both girls were born in Lira, they were transferred to Mulago Hospital were they medically supervised. The doctors are to examine them when they reach 9 months.

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