Ex-Miss Uganda Asiimwe Shines At King Faisal Hospital


Sources in Rwanda told us that Asiimwe is now the Senior Communications Officer at King Faisal Hospital located in Kigali city.

Asiimwe told Rwanda New Times that she had gone to “see a sick friend who had been admitted when I saw a job advert, applied, was shortlisted and called for an interview, and got the job”.

As per reports, she is committed to changing the face of the hospital to “be the best”.

“We make sure that no one complains about the same thing twice! We also always make sure that we don’t relax just because we have got positive feedback. We would love to be able to boast that we are one of the best internationally,” she was quoted as saying.

King Faisal Hospital

She also says that her media and marketing background has “actually helped me learn to deal with people of backgrounds—patients, nurses and doctors included”.

“Working in a hospital has, however, taught me to value life more and I now give doctors and nurses more respect!”

Asiimwe agrees that loving in Rwanda has helped her to “value life more”.

“Every time I see someone fighting for their life or too sick to go out and live a full life, I thank God for a healthy life. I thank God for every breath I take and every healthy day I live.”


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