Endangered Mountain Gorilla Population Rise Above 1000

Bwindi Gorillas

We have seen a tremendous increase in the mountain gorilla numbers over the last few years, but the animals remain threatened with extinction. George D, said there is encouraging news for these great primates.

A new survey has found that the mountain gorilla population has risen to 1,063 confirmed individuals—still not so big numbers but at least increasing from as low as 500. The population census  focused on two areas where mountain gorillas, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda and the Sarambwe Nature Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The good news are welcome to Uganda tour operators who sell gorilla safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

About Mountain Gorillas

Among these numbers Uganda has got the highest number of mountain gorillas among the three countries of Rwanda, Congo and Uganda in Africa were they have got their homes. This belt is densely populated not by persons by thick dark forests of different trees most especially the bamboo shoots.

Their total population numbers remain low, and habitat loss, poaching, disease and civil unrest continue to pose a threat to the animals, snares intended to catch antelopes, but which can also entangle gorillas, represent another risk.

Despite the growing population, challenges threatening mountain gorillas still remain. The apes’ biggest ongoing challenges to survival are human development; disease; illegal snares set to kill wild antelope, but which can also be lethal to gorillas; and, increasingly, the impacts of climate change on their natural habitat.


All the time round this is the very big threat to all animals around the world. When it comes to mountain gorillas being so close to human’s people tend to this otherwise. Some people have reached the extent of thinking that they can use their body parts to replace them with human parts.


With the everyday change in environment and new deses coming up everywhere in the world the mountain gorillas are at a very high risk of getting these diseases. The fact that we share 98%DNA they are susceptible to getting these infections from a mere cold and flu to serious infection like the new Covid -19.

Civil unrest

Africa having too much civil wars and unrest every now and then threatens the being of these gorillas left in the world. We should not forget that they are not found in many places and where they are they are so close so anything may lead to another and we lose our precious germ.

Population Growth

Increase in the number of persons and the total population all around the world may lead to every serous danger in the population of maintain gorillas. Already there is an issue of man encroaching on their land for agriculture and farming,

Soon this will extend to cutting trees and some going so deep in the forests in search of leaves ad trees for medicine as Africans think herbal medicines is the best solution.

Habitat Loss

Some of the issues facing mountain gorillas are issues that different species face around the world. One of these is habitat loss. Despite their apparent isolation, the areas where mountain gorillas live are populated, and gorilla habitat is often cut down and replaced with farms. In addition, large sections are cut down to make room for human settlements. This even happens inside the national park, where it is illegal. Finally, refugees fleeing from Rwanda, Congo also cause habitat destruction as they cut down trees for firewood.

The census was supported by the International Gorilla Conservation Programme, or IGCP (a coalition program of Fauna & Flora International and WWF), Partners in Conservation at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and a host of other groups. WWF also collaborates with IGCP to conserve forest habitat and address other threats facing the species.


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