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Al Shabaab Claims Responsibility For Kampala Bombs

On Monday, Somalia’s Al Shabaab Islamist group confirmed that it’s members set off the two bomb explosions that killed at least 75 people and injured hundreds in Kampala. In Somalia’s capital, Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, al Shabaab’s spokesman, told reporters: “Al Shabaab was behind the two bomb blast in Ugandain the Somali capital Mogadishu.”

He also threatened more attacks in both Uganda and Burundi if the two countries leave their troops in Somalia.

“We thank the mujahideens that carried out the attack. We are sending a message to Uganda and Burundi, if they do not take out their AMISOM troops from Somalia, blasts will continue and it will happen in Bujumbura too.”

Earlier, the head of Uganda police, army Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura had told the local press that he suspected Al Shabaab to be behind the blasts that rocked Kabalagala, Kamwokya and Lugogo around 4:00 PM local time. Bombs that failed to explode were also found in another GABA Road location and in Makindye.

On its part, Uganda’s dictatorial NRM government has reacted with threats of retaliation. Without providing detalis, Uganda army spokesman, Felix Karuyigye said: “Our promise to the people of Uganda will be fulfilled. Whoever brings the war to us, we take it to him. We will take the war to Al Shabaab if they have claimed to be responsible for this act.”

In reality, the Uganda army’s ability to act is fully dependent on the American and Europen countries who pay for the salaries and food of the Uganda forces in Somalia. In fact at least 50% of the total national budget is also funded by Western donor countries. Yoweri Museveni has ruled Uganda with an iron fist since 1986 and, during that period, his army has has been involved in war and occupation in Buganda, Rwanda, Congo, Southern Sudan and now Somalia.

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