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I Helped Fight LRA’s Kony Rebels – Mao

Mao Campaigns in Kabale

The Democratic party presidential candidate, Mao holding a hoe while dancing with his officials during a rally at Kabale town on Tuesday] Norbert Mao, has said he helped president Yoweri Museveni end the war in the north by holding peace talks with the Lords Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony.

Addressing a rally at Kabale taxi park on Tuesday, Mao said if he had not convinced Museveni to talk peace with Kony, the war would still be going on. He added that Museveni spent 20 years fighting with Kony in the north, which made development in the region lag behind other parts of the country. Mao said many soldiers were deployed to fight Kony but they failed because he was recruiting youth.

Mao said the president had fought many wars and, therefore, needed to leave politics and retire. He observed that Museveni had spent 20 years fighting Kony and was now wrangling with Buganda Kingdom and fighting the Karimojong. He said the president had also failed to sack corrupt ministers, adding that he did not trust him to handle money from oil. Mao explained that, with money from oil, Museveni would be like Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi and refuse to hand over power.

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