President Museveni Emphasizes Need for Integration

Museveni Intergration

President Yoweri Museveni has re-emphasized the need for East African countries to aim at total integration if they want to develop, bring prosperity and modernize the region.

He said this as he delivered a lecture on Integration to the Kenya National Defence College students at the State House in Nakasero.

“You cannot talk about a modern society without a big market. If you don’t work toward a big market, you are an enemy of your people,” President Museveni said.

“That is why we revived the East African Community and that is why we are now talking of integration.”

The students are currently on a study tour in Uganda. They comprise of military, police and civilian officers from Burundi, Nigeria, South Sudan, Tanzania and Kenya.

President Museveni said integration creates a bigger market and brings about a powerful block that strengthens trade competitively with other countries and ensures regional security.

He also noted that the process of integration for the people of East Africa is simplified by the similar or linked dialects.

Speaking at the meeting, the leader of the delegation, Lieutenant General Jackson Waweru commended President Museveni for his enlightening lecture-on the need for integration of East Africa.

The EAC is composed of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi. South Sudan is being negotiated on to join the regional group.

President Museveni recently handed over the chair of the EAC to President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya.


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