Museveni: No One Should Attack African Culture


President Yoweri Museveni has said Uganda should not be attacked because of its culture.

Museveni was speaking at the Anti Gay thanksgiving service at Kololo Independence grounds in Kampala.

The President who was the chief guest at the ceremony said the West must respect Africa’s views as far as homosexuality is concerned.

This ceremony was organised under the theme “Uganda Pride Parade”.

“African succumbed to colonialism and slave trade thus losing world leadership…but no one should attack African culture which is the foundation of its survival,” Museveni said.

“Young people, there is nothing good in this imported culture! Do not be lured in this imported culture,” he added.

The President also referred to homosexuals as mercenaries. He said he involved scientists to research and they confirmed that homosexuality is not genetic but nurtured behaviour.

He said he discovered that homosexuality is unhealthy as “they go in wrong address. I don’t know where they are going.”

Since the President signed the in February, several world leaders, human rights activists and gay activists have condemned Uganda over the law. Some countries have even cur aid to Uganda.

However, speaking to the gathering at Kololo today, President Museveni condemned all the threats of cutting aid. He said Uganda can harness the five factors of production to adequately exploit its rich resources.

“Africans are rich but lazy,” he said, adding that, “We have enough land to labour but the problem is entrepreneurship and the Knowledge to create wealth.”

He further called upon the MPs and church leaders to sensitize the masses on wealth creation to end curse of foreign aid.

Addressing the gathering earlier before, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Ntagali thanked the President for representing Uganda well by signing the Anti gay bill.

He asked the Ugandans to “stand without fear to fight the battles facing us, battles facing our families.

“Our people should not be misled to die, we must stand in the gap, preach and teach the truth,” Archbishop Ntagali said.

“God made man a helper, it was a woman. So marriage is between a man and a woman, nothing more,” he added.

Commenting on donors cutting aid, Ntagali said, “Donors can stop their dollars, but cannot stop God’s blessings upon Uganda”.

Pastor Ddumba also thanked Hon Bahati for introducing the bill and Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga for supporting it and enduring the isolation.


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