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Over 16 Million Simcards Unregistered

8% of the total sim cards which are over 16 million are still unregistered a head of the official deadline according to Uganda Communications Commission.

Addressing journalists UCC Executive Director Godfrey Mutabazi said there will be no more extension for the sim card registration exercise because the commission gave operators and telecom subscribers an extension of 90 days in May.

I will not call you again for a press conference on this matter,” The Commission’s Executive Director, Godfrey Mutabazi said, adding there is no extension of the exercise this time round.

“We cannot do this for years. We believe the time we gave to operators and subscribers was enough,” Mutabazi added.

Sim card registration exercise is ending on Aug. 31 and all unregistered sim cards will be deactivated within the five major telecom operators including MTN Uganda,Uganda Telecom, Airtel, Warid and Orange..

Mululi Mukasa, the Minister for Security in the Ugandan Cabinet, officiated at the press briefing to mark the closure of the exercise at UCC headquarters said that means un registered simcards cannot make calls, won’t be called nor sending or receiving messages.

“Now it is up to the customer and telecom operators to rectify all pending or technical issues about the sim card registration process in a week’s time,” he said.

“We believe the 92% who have registered have made the exercise a success,” Mukasa said, adding Uganda needed to move at the same pace with Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania who had already completed the exercise.

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