Sky is the limit for Ronald Nsubuga


Currently shooting his third single video – “I’m missing you”, Ronny has been there, done that. A graduate in Multimedia and design, Motion picture Production and  Sound Engineering, free-lace club DJ, and now upcoming Musician, the sky is the limit for this 27 year old.

Born Ronald Nsubuga in  Uganda, Ronny comes from one big lovely family of five boys and four girls.

Attending school in both Uganda and South Africa, Ronny, one would say has always been a head of things, being one of the first Ugandans to acquire skills in Information technology and multimedia as early as the last 90s and now music. Ronny has a number of Multimedia products attached to his name which include websites, multimedia learning materials CBTs etc

According to his mother; Mildred Nsubuga, his music abilities started showing at a very young age, making his own guitar out of tin and wood, continuing with that love to school and church. While in his church, Wellspring Christian fellowship, he was quickly recognized by his church leaders and started serving the church under different tasks including operating the AP system and playing the guitar, according to Herbert Wanjala, a leader at the church, located in Bweyogerere, a suburb in Kampala, capital of Uganda.

Ronny grew love for both music and film production, and that’s how he ended up going to South Africa to further his new found ambition.

Prior to that, he had worked on a number of amateur music and film production projects.

He has since worked on a number of production projects including; music videos and TV shows, short films and drama, Sound engineering, multimedia for Organizations like NCDC, an organization in Uganda that designs curriculums for schools, etc.

Ronny is also not new to mischief, as a student at Kyambogo College School and a fun of Ragge music, he always got into trouble with school authorities, for leading his class-mates into producing Ragge sound, banging class-room tables, much as this always got him into trouble, it made him popular with his peers, remembers Samaya Sammie, one of his old classmates.


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