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Solutions Are With NRM- Namayanja Tells Masaka Youth

Rose Namayanja

The NRM Deputy Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Rose Namayanja has urged young people to work with leadership of the ruling party to find solutions of the problems they face like unemployment.

She revealed today as she opened a 3-day ideological retreat of over 1000 young people from the greater Masaka that is under way at St. Charles Lwanga SS in Kalungu district.

“The NRM party where I belong is ready and willing to work with you to diagnose your challenge so as to provide proper treatment. We initiated this program to train and mentor you into responsible young people who can benefit your communities too through wealth creation programs from the government,” Hon Namayanja said.

She also challenged them to live responsible lives because the youthful stage is only transitional into adulthood.

“Time management is crucial and so every time and minute that slips away can never be recovered. I implore you to wisely use your time because being a young person is for a short while,” Namayanja added.

She remind young people that, “you are young and energetic today, and tomorrow you are not. So work extra hard for old age.”

The initiative of youth retreat will run across the country. Meeting all leaders in the youth league, national council, cultural institutions and those in the informal sector.

Hon.  Namayanja reiterated the need for the youth to be united and speak one voice for their common cause like economic empowerment irrespective of their cultural or political diversity.


Namayanja underscored self-discipline and integrity of youth as a cornerstone to success.

“This enables co-existence and you don’t have to be from the same political party or religion or tribe to be able to work together. As a leader, you have to stretch your brain to achieve your goals. And you have to be clear with your aspirations,” the NRM ideologue stated.

The Masaka diocese Pastoral Coordinator, Rev. Fr. James Sendege, who represented the Bishop of Masaka Diocese His Lordship Serverus Jjumba said the Catholic Church welcomes everybody irrespective of political affiliation.

“Our problems in the country or the whole world are the same across religious denominations. We as a country and specifically the Buganda region, are endowed with various minerals, food and good climate. So we have to handle these endowments carefully to benefit from them Rev. Sendege told youths.

He also preached hard work and discouraged people from waiting for handouts from politicians.

The director mobilisation at NRM Secretariat, Hon. Rosemary Seninde said that youth deserve constant reminder of their power to transform society because they are very energetic and knowledgeable with relevant and up-to-date technology.

“It is the reason we are here to fine tune you into the right cadres and advocates of community development,” Seninde said.

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