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UTL Introduces “Do Not Disturb” Option To Block Unsolicited SMS Alerts

Uganda Telecom has introduced an option of “Do Not Disturb” for its customers to be able to block all the unsolicited SMS alerts.

This is after request from mobile phone subscribers who have been receiving unsolicited SMS alerts from companies running different promotions and sometimes money would be dedicated after receiving the messages.

Mr. Ali Amir, the Managing Director at Uganda Telecom says this option of Do Not Disturb (DND) is to relieve its customers from the alerts.

“We are proud to be the only operator that offers a differentiated and unique DND service that allows our customers to opt out of receiving subscription SMS alerts but still receive promotional SMS alerts about the company’s products and services,” Mr Amir said.

He added that Telecoms send messages to their subscribers keeping them abreast of their different products and services.

“It’s these subscription SMS alerts that have become a pain for most of our mobile customers. That is why we have introduced the Do Not Disturb option that allows our mobile subscribers to opt out of receiving these SMS alerts,” Amir said.

To subscribe to the DND list, Uganda Telecom subscribers have to call the toll free line 100 or send an email to customercare.info@utl.co.ug; provide his or her phone number and they will be placed under the DND category of clients.

Mr Amir said the subscribers that opt out for the unsolicited subscription SMS alerts will still be able to access and receive promotional messages about our services and products.

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