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‘Stop Poisoning Lions’, Mutagamba Warns Communities Neighboring Parks

Poisoned Lions in Uganda

The Ministry of Tourism has warned cattle keepers against killing lions in National Parks and wildlife reserves.

The Minister of Wildlife Hon Maria Mutagamba said some people especially in communities neighboring national parks and reserves are poisoning the lions.

She revealed that some reports by Uganda Wildlife Authority indicate that cattle keepers and poachers are intentionally poisoning the lion which has led to the reduction on the number of lions in the country.

“They are being poisoned by cattle keepers because the lions eat their animals and I believe people just poison them.”

The Minister called upon the communities to work hand in hand with the authorities to get a way to prevent lions from eating their animals.

“Instead of killing the lions, we can help create a boundary where these animals can be kept out. This is something we are working out with the communities. “

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