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UCAA Hosts PRAU Members Discuss Gaps in Public Relations

Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA)

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA), recently hosted members of the public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) for a professional familiarization bench marking meeting to discuss how best they can address gaps that exists in public relations in their respective agencies or companies.

The manager public affairs at Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, Vianney Lugya Mpungu, said such a bench-marking meeting is crucial because it enables public relations officers to share experiences on how best they can address a crisis situation especially when a company is put in bad light over an alleged scandals.

He told the press that the authority deemed it necessary to host members of the public relations association of Uganda so as to share with them experiences on how best they can overcome bad publicity citing a corruption that occurred early this year and made headlines in local media.

The Principal public relations officers Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB), Janepher Kalule Musumba, urged members of the public relations association to learn from Uganda Civil Aviation Authority on how to manage a crisis situation and to put public relations at top management.

The President of Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU), Tina Wamala, revealed that the benchmarking visits at UCAA enables members of the association to learn best approaches to crisis management when faced with bad publicist.

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