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Uganda Drops Covid 19 Test for Arriving Passengers

Entebbe International Airport

Uganda has dropped the mandatory Covid-19 tests for all incoming travelers through Entebbe International Airport upon arrival with effect from February 16, 2021. This has followed the cabinet decision that came on February 14, 2022.

Stopping the covid-19 tests comes as a result in the decline of the positive results detected at the screening at Entebbe International Airport.

And the reduction in the global threats of the new variants of concern (VoC) which reduces the risk of importation of the VoC that will increase community transmission.

Dr. Henry Mwebesa, the director general health services, said “However, the requirement for the Covid-19 testing of 72 hours before boarding for both incoming and exiting travelers remains in effect. Our health workers will continue to screen all travelers both at arrival and departure and verify their Covid-19 testing certificates”.

This has comes short after the ministry of health revealed that Uganda if now free of the new omicron variant of Covid-19, declaring that the country is today is at 1% of the variant contraction which is a great reducing since the new variant was detected in the late of December.

The country had deployed the mandatory covid-19 testing at all entry points to combat the possible importation of the newly global detected Omicron variant.

The test cost has been US$30 which as well the among caused chaos for truck driver who decided to go on strike and resulted into the shortage of fuel in Uganda which prompted the government to decline the amount to truck drivers.

The only requirement needed at the airport concerning the pandemic, all travelers must have a negative PCR test done in a space of 72 hours prior to their traveling in their previous country.

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