Unidentified Man Drowns in Kabaka’s Lake


An unknown man has drowned in the Kabaka’s lake in Rubaga kampala. The man is said to have drowned in the lake on Saturday and was removed Sunday morning by some of the residents in the area. However, residents are disappointed with police since they haven’t yet turned up to pick the body of the man that drowned.

This not the first time that some one is drowing in this lake just two weeks a go some other person drowned in this same lake.

The deceased also doesn’t have any document to show were probably he may have been from and thats why many are still giving controversial statements regarding his nationality. Some say he is somali while others say he is Rwandese

Many are now suggesting that government or the concerned Authority shod come up with a regulatory guide line and security for the lake.

By the time we left police hadn’t yet turned up at the scene.


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