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UPDF Placed on Standby Class 1

The army leadership has placed all Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers on standby Class One, the highest level of combat readiness.In a radio call message sent to all units last evening, the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces (D/CDF), Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, used the Kiswahili word “imara” in his emergency notification, variously interpreted to imply the rank-and-file of the military should keep solid, tough or resilient.

Lt Gen Elwelu issued the orders because the Chief of Defence of Forces (CDF), Gen Wilson Mbadi, was reported to be in Kenya where he has been for days, working with regional counterparts to thrash out details of the composition, command, resourcing and operation of the envisaged East African Community Force to pacify eastern DR Congo.Asked last night why the soldiers had been placed on Standby Class 1, UPDF spokesman Brig Felix Kulayigye said “you mean the army is not allowed to manage its [own] affairs?”

“That is not for the public,” he said.

Standby Class 1 is the highest level of alertness in the military and the order means there should be no troop or equipment movement, pending a final instruction.

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