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UWA to Implement Second Phase of Boundary Marking Exercise

Starting September 2004, the Natural Resource Co-ordination Unit at Uganda Wildlife Authority will embark on a boundary marking exercise of 14 protected areas. This exercise is the second of its kind as the first phase was started in December 2003 to cover areas like Mt Elgon National Park, Rwenzori National Park, Ajai and Katonga Wildlife Reserves.

The boundary marking exercise entails physically placing markers along the established boundary lines. This can take the form of live marking by planting trees along the boundary in forested protected areas like it is done in Mt Elgon and Rwenzori National Parks. Concrete pillars in open savanna ecosystems will be applied as has been done in Ajai and Katonga Wildlife Reserve. Buoys over water bodies will be put, a case in point is the delta area in Murchison Falls National Park.

Modern surveyors will be hired to use modern surveying techniques like the global positioning system to ensure that work is accomplished within 3years. The boundary marking exercise will take place co- currently in 14 protected areas namely:

The boundary marking exercise will be a guiding ethic in the pursuit of conflict resolutions between managers of protected areas and the local communities.

It is also hoped that once the boundary marking exercise is implemented, wildlife will receive adequate protection in the gazetted areas and this will boost the tourism potential in the protected areas.

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