Federal Will Better Ankole


The Uganda Federal Alliance presidential candidate, Ms Beti Kamya, has told the people of Ankole that the type of federalism she advocates is not aimed at restoring kingdoms but utilising resources within a geographical area.

A cross section of people in Ankole region are opposed to the restoration of the Ankole Kingdom (Obugabe), saying it is not beneficial to them.

Addressing a rally in Mbarara Town on Monday, Ms Kamya said under the federal system of government, areas where resources are located will fully benefit from revenue collected from them.

Ms Kamya said: “This government has created two groups of people, the feeders and those who feed on money collected from you people and taken to State House where those at the helm budget for it, taking the most share and leaving you with very little or at times nothing.”

“Uganda Federal Alliance is the only solution to the suffering of Ugandans where taxes can be shared equally and fairly otherwise even if Uganda changed presidents hundred times under this unitary system, they will still suffer poverty,” Ms Kamya said.


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