Vote for a Woman – Betty Kamya


The Federal Alliance presidential candidate, Betty Kamya, has urged Ugandans to vote for a woman this time, saying nine men had ruled this country for 48 years but failed to achieve anything. “Do not just be part of history. Be the makers of history,” she said during campaign rallies in Buikwe district last week. Kamya, who is the only woman in the presidential race, vowed to defeat the seven men for the country’s top job.

She is facing incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, Nobert Mao (DP), Bidandi Ssali (PPP), Abed Bwanika (PDP), Olara Otunnu (UPC), Kizza Besigye (FDC) and Samuel Lubega (independent). Kamya appealed to women not to let her down because she joined the race knowing they would support her. She assured them that she would steer the country to greater heights using her God-given attributes of a mother. Women, Kamya said, cannot eat or sleep before other family members do.

She also noted that women were the ones who nurse the sick. Kamya said Uganda’s problem was having too much power concentrated in State House. She added that the challenge for today’s generation is to dismantle the unitary system of governance and replace it with federalism, a system which gives power to the people. Kamya said the unitary system was exploitative to the extent of taxing the dead and their graves. She also noted that the sh15m the MPs earn monthly was from the people’s sweat. She said there were two groups of people; those who work and those who eat. Kamya held rallies at Kiyindi Landing Site, Mbikko along the Kampala-Jinja highway, Gokolo and at Lugazi, where she introduced candidates standing on the Federal Alliance ticket.


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