Best Tour Operator for Rwenzori Trekking

Rwenzori Mountains

Trekking and hiking must surely be one of the best adventurous experiences to encounter especially when you make it on the third Africa’s tallest mountain – Mountain Rwenzori. Trekking to the top of the mystic’s highest peak – Margherita on Mount Stanley is truly a fantabulous and unique experience since it is a great opportunity to view the beautiful nature of the Rwenzori national park where the unique mountains are situated. During the hiking, have a clear view of the valley of nine lakes, the high glaciers and the snowcapped peaks. The park encompasses a wide range of flora and fauna through various vegetation zones thus creating an ultimate experience of trekking.

Situated in the western region of Uganda in Kaseese district, the Rwenzori national park was established in 1991 sitting on the area of land which is approximately 998 square kilometers. Besides the snowcapped mountains, the park is also a home to over 70 mammals including the elephants, duikers, bushbucks, leopards, giant forest hogs and others. Besides the wildlife, the park also host about 2178 bird species and among them are the handsome francolin, golden-winged sunbird, slender-billed starling, Rwenzori batis, bee- eaters and others.

The UNESCO world Heritage Site – Rwenzori Mountains hosts a variety of plant life which varies from the tropical rainforests, African savannah, montane forests, and bamboo forests to alpine vegetation. The snow and glaciers which are 4500 above add special and amazing views to the mystic mountain ranges.

Above all, the Rwenzori Mountaineering Tour will be a lifetime story to tell and much memorable if booked with the well experienced tour operators. There are two companies that are highly responsible for these tours. That is; Rwenzori Trekking Services and Rwenzori Mountaineering Services. These two services offer a number of trekking and hiking options that begin from day one to twelve day’s adventures. Hike to the different peaks of the Rwenzori mountains through the two trails of the park – Kilembe trail and Central Circuit route. Among the main peaks include Mount Stanley, Savoia, Elena peak, Great tooth, Mount baker and the highest one Margherita.

Besides these two services, one can use a trustworthy and well experienced tour operator. This should surely be Rwenzori Expeditions. This is a tour company in Uganda offering best memorable and unforgettable safaris at the best budget with amazing discounted rates. With well trained and literally professional tour guides, Primate Safaris Experiences will surely make your safari to the mystic and snowcapped Rwenzori mountains the best of all you have ever had in your lifetime. Book with us and we surely make your enjoy the adventurous safari to the Mountains of the Moon in the Pearl of Africa.


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