What Do I Require to Hire a Car on Self Drive?

Rental Car in Africa

Are you planning go on a self guided adventure in Uganda? There are essential requirements that anyone with plans to go self-drive Uganda, Rwanda or any part of East Africa should have. Possessing the essential requirements can allow you to hire a car for your self-drive road trip in Uganda, East Africa.

Self-drive means hiring a car and drive it yourself with no services of professional driver or safari guide. It is a remarkable adventure that provides nature enthusiasts ultimate freedom to explore the wonders of Uganda. Embarking on a self-drive journey in any a 4×4 rental car in Uganda guarantees you a flexible road trip with abundant opportunities to interact with the world.

To be allowed to hire a car on self-drive in Uganda, the following essential requirements should be a must-have.

Essential Requirements for hiring a car on self-drive in Uganda

Valid Driver’s License: A valid international driving permit (IDP) or driver’s license obtained from your home country is required in order for you to rent a self-drive vehicle in Uganda with a car hire company. The driver’s license that you provide should be written in English/accompanied by an official English translation in case it is in another language.

Do not carry any license but consider having the original driver’s license. The original driver’s license is essential during pick up of your self-drive rental car in Uganda. The validity of the driver’s license should cover the period you intend to use the vehicle in Uganda or length of your road trip in Uganda or any destination.

Valid passport: You need a valid passport and proof of identify in order to rent a self-drive car in Uganda. The acceptable forms of proof of identity comprise a valid passport with details that match those of driver’s license. Non-residents may also require proof of residence which matches the country in which the passport and driver licenses were issued.

When hiring a self-drive vehicle, make sure that you keep safe the original passport and its with you.

Travel Insurance: Talk to the expert if there is need to take insurance cover. Most preferably, comprehensive travel insurance is essential because it covers medical emergencies, damage to the rental car and personal injury. Depending on the car hire company you plan to book a self-drive car, often, these rental cars have comprehensive insurance. But first, get clarification from your car rental service provider in case you require to have personal insurance cover too and if the rental car is covered.

Minimal age: Before you hire a car, first you need to know the acceptable minimal age limit for hiring a vehicle in Uganda and also driving. The age limits for hiring a car and driving it vary from country to country and company to company. But it usually falls around 21-25 years to even 70 years.

There are can be exceptions for young drivers who hire smaller 2 WD cars but first, talk to your car rental service provider. This usually attracts a surcharge, a good reason you should talk to the reservation team to discuss the terms and conditions early instead of being taken by surprise.

Driving Record

A good driving record is needed for you to hire a self-drive vehicle in Uganda. There are charges that come if you have reckless driving record in the last 3 years and this may not even qualify you to hire a self-drive car. A clean driving record is essential if you are to be allowed to hire a car for self-drive tour in Uganda. The clean record means you have not knocked and run from the scene of accident in the past 2 years. A client should not also have record of a stolen car/used a car in any criminal way.

Payment for Hiring a Car in Uganda

You should be eligible to pay for your Uganda car rental for self-drive. Usually, car hire companies require a client to make the first deposit for their car hire and complete the balance later or on actual date of picking up the vehicle. The most appropriate time to hire a car in Uganda should be around two weeks before the actual date of visiting any destination. Talk to the expert to discuss the terms and agreements for renting a self-drive car in Uganda.

Agreements: Certified and signed agreements for hiring a car shouldn’t miss. A client shall be required to sign the car hire agreement. In the agreement, you will be required to declare your living address, driving record to ensure that you meet the car hire company’s requirements.

Navigation and communication gear: A reliable map/navigation system is needed for you to have a smooth movement around Uganda. Ensure that you have a working mobile phone/SIM card in case of emergencies and for you to keep in touch with the people back home or with your car hire service provider.

Self-drive tips

To have a successful self-drive experience in Uganda, here are some of the essential tips to take note of.

  • Pre-booking: If you plan to visit Uganda for self-drive tour, first, you should book your dream car in advance. Before you go ahead to book a car, do not forget to read the terms and conditions to avoid unplanned costs.
  • Observe the traffic rules and regulations: Disrespecting the road traffic rules and regulations comes at a cost. Go through the traffic rules and regulations before you embark on a self-drive road trip in Uganda.
  • Safety precautions: Safety should begin with you and ensure that you exercise it at all costs. Avoid all scenarios that can cost your life such as driving at night, walking in the dark corners alone, and others. Ensure that you have a basic first aid kit or medical kit to cater for emergencies. You should not also forget to take the emergency contact from your car hire company/service provider.

In conclusion, you can be allowed to rent a self-drive car in Uganda if you possess the above requirements. Talk to your expert to plan and book your dream self-drive with ease.


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