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5 Reasons To Road Trip In Uganda

Explore the verdant Uganda’s landscape and relief on an exhilarating road trip. Uganda is blessed with incredible relief, dotted with scenic plateaus, rolling hills and scenic valleys which are pleasant to the eyes of viewers. Only one can discover these while on a relaxed extensive road trip in Uganda to quench their travel thirst. Unlike other countries, Uganda is from one end to the other a country of amazing terrain, ranging from the towering Rwenzoris to the low basins of Lake Kyoga. View the Rwenzori ranges which is home to the country’s highest point at 5,109m above sea level at Margherita peak. The south western boarder with D.R. Congo is covered mostly by the Ruwenzori Mountains while Mount Elgon marks the eastern border between Uganda and Kenya.

Culture and people; discover Uganda’s numerous tribes and warm people during a sensational road trip to the country side. Uganda is a multi-cultural country with over 56 different tribes, presenting a varied culture with rich heritage, norms and warm people. Explore their unique traditional dances, cuisine, diverse languages and cultural songs. There are indigenous tribal communities in Uganda, notably the Batwa Pygmies in Kigezi region and IK in Karamoja. Batwa are originally forest dwellers that now live on the margins of Bwindi and Mgahinga forests in south western Uganda while the Ik people live on the fringes of Kidepo national park on the lower slopes of Morungole Mountains. The Ik are known to be the smallest tribe in Uganda with about 150,000 members only. Undertake a road trip in Uganda and explore these indigenous people who will offer you a glimpse into the history and memories of ancient Africa.

The people of Uganda are notably hospitable and hail from a diversity of rich cultures and life styles with interesting traditional performances and dances, including Kitaguriro dance for Banyankole, Banyoro have Runyege, Bwora and Otole for the Acholi, and the famous Imbalu circumcision ceremony for Bagisu in eastern Uganda.

Enroute tourist destinations; Uganda’s highways are not just roadways but interesting places where strategic destinations of tourism importance are located. The Ziwa rhino sanctuary can be visited easily on a road trip to Murchison falls national park. This wildlife and Rhino sanctuary is the only place where one can encounter the southern white rhinos in Uganda. It is a good place to trek rhinos on foot and the fees paid help in conservation of the highly endangered mammals in the world. It is found in Nakasongola district along Gulu high way. So far the place accommodates 22 white rhinos, but Ziwa sanctuary also offers other activities like nature walks, canoeing and birding watching.

Culinary and food; one of the best ways to discover Uganda’s organic and nutritious traditional dishes is by taking a country side road trip. Uganda is a land of fertile soils where food grows naturally without application of manures and fertilizers, therefore be sure of eating that healthy organic dish you’ve been craving for. Different tribes and people in Uganda have their different traditional staple foods which are unique only to them; such delicacies include the common Luwombo for Baganda, Banyankole have the Eshabwe; enjoy Matooke in the western region – (green bananas which are steamed (mashed) or boiled and served with a sauce of peanuts, beans or fresh meat. The Malewa from the gishu land in the east is another famous delicacy in this part of the country; prepared from shoots of bamboo plants, Malewa is a delicacy enjoyed in most parts of eastern Uganda.

Feel the freshness of Uganda’s climate, atmosphere and verdant vegetation cover on a road trip; Uganda’s climate and weather conditions are ideal for travelers, ranging from the warmth of the lowland plains of Karamoja to the coolness of dense highlands in the South Western region. Uganda is blessed with cool and prefect climate all year round making it the best destination to visit without hesitation. The country experiences 2 rainy seasons, during the months of March, May and April and October to November, therefore the best time to travel to Uganda is during the months of December to February and June to September. Within this period, Gorilla trekking is so easy with the jungles not so muddy and compact as it is usually during wet seasons.

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