Karamoja To Launch Tourism Skilling Academy


Been extremely privileged to represent AUTO – the Association of Uganda Tour Operators at the launch of the Tourism coordination platform for the Karamoja Area, in Moroto district this week.

It’s amazing to see the kind of efforts that individuals like Theo Vos and Kara-Tunga, Karamoja Tours & Arts are putting into promoting tourism and using it as a tool to transform livelihoods in this “once-feared and formerly politically unstable part of Uganda”.

In the meeting, a presentation on the findings from a research project and the strategic plan for the planned academy was made by EyeOpenerWorks, a Dutch and Uganda based creative international organization that supports organizations to create social and sustainable impact.

They had carried out research in various Government offices, private sector enterprises and associations, NGOs and from within the local community to establish the needs gap and generate support for the academy.

One of the major outputs of the platform will be the launch of the Karamoja Tourism Academy (KTA), a social training program that focuses on capacitating the sons and daughters of the lands to gain skills in tourism and hospitality, that will then enable them to compete for jobs at different levels in and beyond the Karamoja region.

Not to pre-empt the strategic plan, but there will be a special focus on training in soft skills, fitting for the tourism and hospitality sector in Karamoja with internationally-respected certification and accreditation.

I was also extremely lucky to spend the night at the new and stunning Kara-Tunga, Karamoja Safari Camp, undoubtedly the best place to stay in Moroto, with clean, complete, comfortable safari-style accommodation; also owned and run by Kara Tunga.

My greatest gratitude to Theo and your team for the warm hospitality. As Idi Amin used to say, I will certainly revenge haha. Alakara noi!


You guys might know that I have always believed in the outstanding potential of the Karamoja region, the greater East and Northeast, ever since I made my maiden visit to this part of the country a couple of years ago. I immediately fell in love with its lands and people.

It warms my heart to now see individuals and organizations breathing fresh air into this region again.

The greater Karamoja area is for sure, “Uganda’s Best Kept Secret”, and with the right measure of transformational support and promotion, this will soon be a bustling tourism hotspot in the country. I am happy that it’s actually already taking shape, well at least it’s already attracted a good measure of international attention and recognition.

Of course whenever I visit a place, even if on official duty, like this one; I can’t fail to spare a few hours to take a stroll around.

Theo showed me around Moroto, and we also got to drive up into the mountains for an incredible sundowner experience, where I got to take some photos.


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