8 Most Popular and Unique Ugandan Food

Kampala Rolex Festival

You can never go hungry out of your cravings while in Uganda. Uganda has a variety of food specialties and drinks from Indian to Italian cuisines not forgetting our own local and fresh food from the garden. It’s very easy to get food and drinks anywhere in Uganda though mostly big international cuisine restaurants are in major towns. In our article we are discussing about the food and drink specialties to guide you and the possible places you are likely to visit.

Delicacies like grasshoppers are seasonal but sweet to the taste buds, they are not only insects but high in protein for our bodies. Grasshoppers are fried and served with a hot cup of coffee. When you visit in the month of November, don’t miss out on this delicacy.

1. Rolex

Relax! This is not a watch but some kind of a quick road side snack made of eggs, tomatoes rolled in a chapatti. It’s a good snack to recover from the morning hangover. Most restaurants now have it on their menu so you can place your order anywhere.

Taste your bud with the Ugandan local food commonly known as luwombo. If you want to feel fresh and moist food, visit the nearest restaurant and ask for Luwombo, you will be served with delight. Luwombo simply involves steamed food from plantain to sauce like chicken, fish, beef and ground nuts.

2. Cow hoof “mulokoni

This sounds ridiculous but it’s worth a try. The cow hoof is boiled on the fire for a long time until it’s a soft and then served with food like matooke known as plantain, sweet potatoes, cassava or any other food of your taste. The rich cartilage inside the hoof is not only sweet but also high in calcium good for strengthening bones.

3. Fish

Uganda is the source of the biggest largest water body, lake victoria, therefore fish isn’t a problem but in plenty, how you want your fish served matters from the stew to fried, smoked, you will be served. Most restaurants local and of international cuisines serve fish and you will definitely get it. Other places include lake shore beaches where you will enjoy your deep fried fish from the lake while enjoying a cool breathe from the lake.

4. Millet Bread

This is a mixture of millet flour with cassava flour served with any stew like beef, chicken, beans. In western and northern Uganda, millet bread is a delicacy, its usually served with ‘’eshabwe’’ a mixture of cow ghee, rock salt and water then malkwang  a mixture of greens and peanut sauce respectively.

5. Fruits and vegetables

Uganda is a land of fertile soils, you will find every fruit in plenty during the season for example mangoes, water melon, grapes, pineapples, apples to mention but a few. Visit Nakasero market in the heart of the city Centre make a choice of all your favorite fruits. For vegetarians you can visit places like café mebanas, café javas for the international servings.

6. Muchomo/ Barbeque

There are so many places to find meat with in Uganda, every major town and the outskirts of town you will find a spot for roasting meat. You can also have good BBQ serving at legends bar along lugogo bypass near forest mall and enjoy your piece of meat in all forms.

8. Coffee / Cocktails

Drinks that will soothe your thirst, coffee is served everywhere in Uganda, in all forms. Visit places like Gatto Matto, the sound cup, café javas and grab your cup of coffee. as well as cocktails you will visit mythos tavern and lounge for a glass of cocktail places, many Italian, Asian and Indian cuisines have the best cocktails in town.


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