Uganda & Botswana Partner to Produce Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine

Uganda to Partner with Botswana

Botswana and Uganda are to join hands in the fight against Foot and Mouth disease which have become a major blow in the ministry of animal husbandry in Uganda and agriculture sector at large. This outbreak, promptly resulted into the certain animal quarantine so as to curb worse spread of the disease.

In today’s meeting at State house Entebbe attended by different categorized ministers in the government of Uganda discussed matters that will provide a bit relive on the disease. The result are aimed at making a vaccine to end this out break.

President Museveni recently met with scientists from Botswana at State House in Entebbe. This meeting followed a previous discussion between President Museveni and President Masisi of Botswana on January 22, 2024, during the G77+ China Third South Summit at Speke Resort, Munyonyo.

The scientists from Botswana, particularly those from the Botswana Vaccine Institute, have been working on samples collected from cattle affected by foot and mouth disease in various parts of Uganda. These samples will be taken back to Botswana for further analysis in order to develop a vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease.

President Museveni expressed his appreciation for the collaboration with Botswana and welcomed the idea of developing a vaccine for foot and mouth disease in Uganda. He also discussed the potential for Botswana companies to invest in producing animal feeds in Uganda, considering the surplus maize production in the country.

The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Hon. Frank Tumwebaze, highlighted the agreement between Botswana Vaccine Institute and Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) to work together on vaccine development. This partnership aims to not only address the issue of foot and mouth disease in Uganda but also to potentially serve the East African region.

Additionally, efforts were made to encourage Botswana to import milk from Uganda, emphasizing its high quality and the assurance that it comes from areas unaffected by foot and mouth disease.

The CEO of Botswana Vaccine Institute, Mr. Andrew Madeswi, reported that their mission of collecting samples in Uganda was successful. The samples will now undergo testing, with the final results expected by March 29, 2024.

The Technical Director of Botswana Vaccine Institute, Mr. Mokganedi Mokopasetso, shared details of their sampling efforts across various districts in Uganda, indicating the thoroughness of their mission.

The meeting was attended by various officials from Uganda, including the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, and the Minister of State for Animal Industry, among others.


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