Mao Preaches Federal


DP presidential flag bearer Norbert Mao has appealed to cultural leaders to educate their subjects on the need for a federal system of governance.
“The system enhances unity in diversity by preserving the traditions and cultures of each area,” Mr Mao said.

He said Ugandans should embrace federalism before it can be adopted through a referendum.

Healthy debate
“The debate about federalism is a healthy one. We cannot pretend not to be an aggregate state with all the many ethnic groups we have in the country,” Mr Mao told a rally in Katakwi on Tuesday.

He said the regional tier system based on smaller political units and overseen by the centre that the NRM government has been fronting, cannot be the best system for Ugandans.

“A federal system guarantees equal say and power sharing and will ensure fair distribution of the national cake. Federalism is enshrined in the Constitution unlike the regional tier arrangement, which is a creation of a few,” Mr Mao said.

Proponents of federal arrangement of governance also argue that the arrangement is ideal for the multi-ethnic Uganda.
But some people of Teso argue that a federal system of governance would only work to the advantage of the Baganda.

“Why is Mao talking about federalism and not what he is prepared to offer for other Ugandans? Federalism is about the Kabaka,” one of the people who turned up at the rally and only identified himself as Okello, said.


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