DP to Stage a Corrupt Free State


The Democratic Party will ensure a transparent, accountable and corruption free government cardinal in its manifesto. We believe the political economy of Uganda, the socio-economic, socio –cultural development in this country will be achieved only with an exemplary leadership, which leadership is lacking in Uganda with the current leadership in government being suspects [of corruption].

To get the right answer, Uganda needs the right formula of tackling corruption first with stringent laws that will ensure accountability at all levels. DP will have zero tolerance for corruption and specifically; the Mao-DP administration will redistribute Executive power since we believe that the current ills in government such as corruption and non-accountability arise from the concentration of the power and authority of the state in the Presidency and the emasculation of the capability of other public institution that are intended to ensure the due checks and balances in the transaction of public affairs.

Our administration will enforce autonomy of public institutions through independent vetting by commissions and Parliament. DP will institute a serious legal reform to ensure that any public official accused of corruption is immediately relieved of his responsibilities and suspended till the case is fully determined.

We have witnessed government officials impeached for corruption but still enjoying the liberty of holding important offices. Democratic Party will not only make zero tolerance a swan song but rather the epitome of its first leadership credentials. The fish rots from the head; it’s the head and top leadership that must stand to be counted. The idea of arresting small fish like Teddy Cheeye while dining and basking in peace with big thieves will not be tolerated.


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