Sarah Ndagire Extends Helping Hand To The Needy


Local artiste Sarah Ndagire and friends are planning a charity benefit for the less able of the society. They are appealing to all well-wishers to donate clothes, soap, salt or anything to this worthy cause. There will be a benefit concert on Wednesday 1st Dec at Club Obbligato Little Flowers and all proceeds will go to Gaita kukibi widows and elderly network. Entrance is 20k, if you are unable to attend simply send in your donation by

Alternatively, call 0772595639/0701595639 for pick of any material support e.g sugar, clothes, soap etc if you are in Kampala

Tickets are on sale right now at club obligato, Alliance Francaise, National theater box office, or can be delivered by calling 0772595639/0701595639



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