Food Prices Hiked Inflation Rate In September


High price levels of food have led to increase in the Annual Headline Inflation rate for the month of September 2013.

The Annual Headline Inflation rate for the year ending September 2013 rose to 8.0 percent from the 7.3 percent registered in August, according to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) statistics.

The Consumer Price Index for the month of September indicates the Annual Food Crops Inflation rate went up to 16.2 percent in September 2013 from 12.9 percent in August 2013.

Speaking to the press on Monday at the Statistics House, Mr Ben Mungyereza said the Annual Core Inflation rate increased to 6.9 percent for the year ending September 2013 from the 6.6 percent increase recorded in August 2013.

However, Bank of Uganda’s target rate is at five percent.

As par the rates by centres, Mbarara district registered the highest Annual Inflation rate at 10.5 percent, followed by Kampala with 9.8 percent.

“This was driven by high price levels for food, beverages & tobacco, clothing, charcoal, firewood, unmetered water, meals in restaurant and others goods & services,” Mr Mungyereza.

He also noted that Arua district recorded the lowest Inflation rate of 0.3 percent up from -1.7 percent in August 2013. This was mainly driven by increased price levels for beverage & tobacco and medical services.

For food crops, the UBOS executive Director said the Monthly Food Crops Inflation also increased by 5.3 percent in September from the 15.9 percent increase registered in August 2013.

“There has been an increase in prices of matooke, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, sweet bananas, carrots, beans, fish, and milk in most centres because there has been less food supplies on the market.”

But, a reduction in prices was recorded for pineapples, oranges, cabbages, bbugga, green pepper, egg plants and bitter tomatoes.

Also prices for firewood, petrol and bicycles went down in most centres reduced.


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