Big Eye US Fiancée Threatens To Dump Him

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Big Talent crew member singer Big Eye Mayanja must be spending sleepless nights trying to figure out a way to eat his cake and still have it. Shortly after the news of his relationship with the music promoter Dubai based sugar mummy Sheila Patience came out, his long time financier and partner Kandy Sparks gave him an ultimatum.  He was to either dump the aged music promoter or Kandy would call it quits.

This coming from the woman who has facilitated his music dream from way back isn’t just an idle threat and has left Big Eye on the edge. We hear Kandy was totally heartbroken by Big Eye’s unfaithfulness because she was totally devoted to him and his career and would give him whatever sum of money he asked from her.  She couldn’t believe that he would overlook all she had done for his career and go out with Sheila just because she bought him the lousy Noah he is always seen cruising.

Above Dubai based music promoter Sheila

Kandy comes from one of the loaded families in Jinja and she left the country at the age of six when her parents relocated to the US and that’s where she has been staying since then. We hear she is planning to open up a night club in Kampala which will be added to the clothing store and two posh saloons in Jinja town. Our paps reveal that her father is the proud owner of the top Ugandan restaurant in Ohio and also has three mansions in the US and one is rented by sensational Jamaican dancers the Ovamars who were featured in Elephant man ‘Sweep’ video. Kandy is also a niece to Jinja mayor Ismail Kezaala.



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