“Emesse” Banned from Vision group Air Waves!

Captain Dolla
Before we could confirm the meaning of this hit, it has already tested the wrath of Vision group head Mr. Robert Kabushenga, we don’t know whether to call it a rumor any more, because its now a fact that the song has been axed from the waves of all Vision group media companies. Talk of XFM, Urban TV, Bukedde Embutikizzi 1 and 2 and all the other stations now and those that will be set up in the future.

This song, that has instantly become a supper hit, was written and sang by Aliyenka Lawrence Dawson who just like the title of his song,  chose a  funny stage name-Captain Dollar.

Born and bred in Nsambya, Kampala, Captain Dollar went to Police primary school, Lugazi mixed and St Peters Nsambya respectively. He is the 5th born of seven children born to Deus Aliyenka- his father.

In his song-Emesse, the 20 year old is woken by his wife to beat a rat and he vows that he will kill it! However, several people have curved out a different meaning claiming that the song is vulgar and spoiling the juveniles The captain though says that he sang the song with no Vulgar intention whatsoever and that he sang it basing on true story. He says that while he was growing up, their home was invaded by the Rodents that most of the time his sisters would call upon him and his brothers to kill the rats-eh eh! Are you thinking what am thinking?

Meanwhile keep you eyes glued to the Television and the ears to the Radio and lets see if this song will be played by the Kabushenga boys.


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