Mukono Based Kisumali Bar Burnt to Ashes


Mukono town’s students and ‘ladies of the night’ favoirite bar, Kisumali recently gut fire almost to ashes.
As revellers were eagerly waiting for the new year 2018, to their shock, instead of the expected fire works to welcome the year, it was flames and thick smoke coming out of the Bar forcing them to run for their lives.

Eye-witnesses that were at the scene claim that the fire started after a blast that was heard from an extreme corner of bar. However, Police still insists that the cause of the fire in not yet known.

“The cause of the fire is still unknown…. We managed to save some bar property and registered no serious damages to revellers lives.. ” Head of Fire Brigade in Mukono, Conrad Byomugabe Said.

Meanwhile, there was drama after Police put the fire out as revellers fought with officers to leave them enter and drink the few undamaged remaining bottles of alcohol.

Sorry for the Bar Patrons…..


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