Global Health for Woman & Children Hospital Enjoys Steadfast Growth

Children Hospital Uganda

The Global Health for woman and Children’s hospital in Kitinda zone, Katabi Town Council, is enjoying a number of successes as it continues to grow at steadfast pace.

The health facility provides health care financing to its clients by providing a family card which can be used to access medication at any of its branches. Its’ health care services target uninsured but working people and each family is given on card and in case of a polygamous man, gets two family medical cards to cater for his two families.

About the family medical cards the health facility offers two types of medical cards namely corporate card for working class whereby the employ er has recommend the client while another is ordinary medical card which caters for people in informal sector like commercial cyclists, restaurant workers, hawkers and many more. Registration for the medical card is free of charge and one is required to fill a form and within a month the card is issued out.

Service offered

The health facility which treats 20 patients every day has a target of handling 100 clients or patients on daily basis and it offers the following medical services including Maternity, Antenatal care, Lab services, Ultra sound scan, Medical consultation, Pediatric services and Sicknesses handled. The health center which has nine full time staff including seven medics and two support staff, operates 24/7 and treats the following sicknesses including Malaria, Typhoid, None communicable diseases like Diabetes, and High blood pressure among others plus minor surgeries & pregnant mothers.

Challenges faced

According to Dr. Ruth Namubiru a medical clinic officer at the health facility says the cost of doing business is high citing escalating prices of consumable equipment like sanitizers which keep on spiking every single day. She however, appeals to government to make the business environment conducive and affordable.

Dr. Namubiru adds that it’s so challenging to market a health facility because the medical professional body prohibited marketing health facilities.

Future plans

Dr. Namubiru says they have a plan of marketing the health facility the biggest health care inancing in the region and beyond Uganda.


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