Nationwide Blood Donation Campaign To Raise 30,800 Blood Units Unveiled


Uganda Blood Transfusion Services has partnered with 2 specialised communications agencies- The Firm and EquatorOne, to launch a nationwide blood donation and education campaign.

The 2-in-1 campaign, dubbed “77 Days of Giving Blood (#77DOGB) will run from Wednesday April 12th 2017 till Thursday July 27th 2017. The campaign aims at collecting 400 units of blood daily, nationally over the next 77 days, translating into 30,800 units of blood.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign held at the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services offices in Nakasero, UBTS Director, Dr. Dorothy Kyeyune said; “Uganda’s blood collection stands at 7 whole blood units per 1,000 inhabitants which is below the WHO recommended rates of 10 whole blood units per 1,000 inhabitants or 1%. This translates into a 30% deficit”.

Uganda needs 350,000 units of blood annually but can only raise between 270,000- 300,000 units every year, leaving an annual lethal deficit of between 50,000- 100,000 units, that needs to be bridged.

Blood is critical in the care and treatment of coronary heart diseases, HIV/AIDS, perinatal conditions, malaria, road traffic accidents, cancer and sickle cells- which are some of the leading causes of death in sub-Saharan Africa- including Uganda.

“This campaign is timely; ahead of the World Blood Donor Day, on June 14th 2017 and is a reminder to all Ugandans that voluntary, unpaid blood donation is a real act of giving life – the greatest gift any person can give or receive. It is also a reminder to all Ugandans that voluntary, unpaid blood donation must be increased rapidly in order to ensure a reliable supply of safe blood for patients whose lives depend on it,” she said.

Muhereza Kyamutetera, the Executive Chairman of Kyamutetera Holdings- the parent company of The Firm and EquatorOne said the campaign is meant to whip-up national awareness about the importance of blood in healthcare and the overall achievement of National health objectives as well as cultivate a blood donating culture amongst Ugandans.

“Since blood can’t be manufactured- getting Ugandans to develop a blood donating culture is very vital to reducing these deaths. At the individual level, it is also very important to get tested and know your blood type and any blood-related conditions that you may have and how to treat them,” he said.

Kyamutetera said that the campaign has 2 components, namely;

  • A national mass awareness campaign that will drive individuals to directly walk in and donate blood at  any of the 7 regional blood banks in Arua, Fort-portal, Gulu, Kitovu, Mbale, Mbarara And Nakasero as well as the 6 blood collection centers in Hoima, Jinja, Kabale, Rukungiri, Lira and Soroti.
  • A “You Are Rare, Be There” educative campaign that seeks to identify and increase the database of people with the rare –ve rhesus types who can be called upon in times of acute need, thus increasing stocks of the rare –ve rhesus blood types.

“We will also carry out two major public blood donation events in Kampala on World Blood Donor Day, on Wednesday June 14th 2017 and Saturday July 30th 2017 as well as have targeted mobile on-site blood donation exercises focusing on large organisations as well as big events happening around the country,” he said.

On the importance of blood testing, Kyeyune said that early knowledge of one’s blood type and condition is important especially for those with the rare –ve rhesus blood types such as the O Rh negative blood which is a universal donor, but is only compatible with O-ve blood types.

“Testing allows you to proactively identify people in your networks that have compatible blood types and this often reduces risks in time of need,” she said.

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