And The Award Goes To … Twakowa!


Is it just me or isn’t every one being “awarded’ for something lately?

2015 has seen numerous “award” ceremonies that were half baked

From controversial and flopped beauty pageants has risen the need for accolades for who knows what! Now don’t get me wrong it’s good to have influential movers and shakers awarded for their effort to make the world a better place.

We should not wait to buy for people roses only to lay them on caskets but this award business is just getting out of hand! And to make sure you don’t miss a second of them, our dear television stations have felt the need to air them live.

Concepts like the Red carpet are some of the most abused and are yet to be fully honored in Uganda

Call me a Grinch but I think copying a concept as long as the execution – to be on point to the dot is bearable however from fake red carpet, failed speeches, faked accents, to winners that voted for themselves or sponsored the events! As if that’s not enough, the arrangement, organization and final events usually reek of MEDIOCRITY!

From the themes, categories, titles of these awards, designs, a lot is left to be desired! Then comes those “award presenters” that just seem clueless of what is expected of them to scantily dressed socialites.

For instance music awards* I won’t point any fingers but you find confusion in the categories as far as genre is concerned. Although some of our artists too can’t define their music but by the time one comes up to “acknowledge” the talent Uganda has they should put in time and effort to study who they would want to appreciate, why and understand what they do fully.

The voting process is another painful process! From failing systems to undefined guidelines for the voters, I could go on! Why would a nominee vote for themselves yet it’s supposedly the public meant to choose who’s the most influential or who ranks as their favourite?

As for the attendees, I would need a whole book! Following dress codes is yet to be observed, from people appearing like ordinary hawkers on a normal market day while others appear like harlots due to meet their next target.

This is a suggestion to organizers, it’s understandable that you have great ideas on who to uplift by rewarding their “hard work”. However, with all these mushrooming award ceremonies, your credibility is fading by the day!

Get back to your drawing boards; sync those ceremonies so we don’t see duplication each weekend, the same people being crowned as “winners” of the same awards just with different organizers and a few tweaks to the names.

Quality beats quantity any given day; the less the ceremonies, the more you build and establish rapport with the public as well as prestige. Look at where you want your brand to go, have a plan – long term to that. Are your awards worth it? Will there be a legacy for your brand as one that stood the taste of time and honorable?

What sets you apart from the Tom, Dick and Harry events that happen every weekend? Otherwise, some of us will just continue following along the sidelines as you award those that the public barely even knows but would rather hire a group of idlers and money seekers to “vote” on their behalf!


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