46 years old Abdul Muluba aka City Don


Discovering one’s talent is usually never easy especially at an older age. Some accidentally discover it while some are helped by others to realize that they are gifted and good at something.

For the 46 years old Abdul Muluba aka City Don popularly known as Mupawo it happened in 2005 when he discovered his artistic talent in music. It was at that time that it actually dawned on him that his life might be in the arts industry other than his 10 year car dealing business.

Although his music has not yet conquered the Kampala FM stations but in the northern region he is ruling most especially his home town in Arua is a sought after artiste. Muluba kicked off his music career with his five tracks album which had songs like changu ni kyangu,okwa napesa,Kampala nayipenda,Mpola Mpola and am trying.

Currently he is working on his second album which will be released early this year which is in its final stages. The album is mixed with songs in Swahili, English and Luganda. This time around the album is mainly of Reggae genre and Afro beat.



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