Accelerate Disease Control in livestock to Meet International Standards

Uganda Livestock

In order to address the problem of animal diseases, the problem of animal diseases, the Ministry through NARO started the construction works for an animal vaccine research and production facility at National Livestock Resources Research Institute Nakyesasa (Namulonge). On the other hand, NARO and other scientists from Makerere University supported by the Government are at various stages of producing the vaccines.

In addition, the Ministry undertook strategic vaccination of animals in risk prone districts. In Feb 2022, there was an outbreak of FMD in 23 districts. The Ministry intervened through vaccination and controlled movements of animals within the sub-countries. The intervention contained the spread of FMD and currently no single district is affected. A total of 4,650,000 animal disease vaccines were acquired and distributed. These included 2.65M does of FMD and 1,000,000 doses of LSD Vaccine 1,000,000 doses of PPR.

Increased access to agricultural finance and Insurances services

UDB has been recapitalized with funds worth 1 trillion. Government Committed UGX142.114 billion to the Bank of Uganda for Agriculture Credit Facility and supported over 631 projects along the value chain.

Government is also implementing the Insurance Agriculture Scheme (UAIS) through the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, and it’s a public Private Partnership between the Government of Uganda and private sector (Insurance Companies). Ush 10 billion gas so far been released as a subsidy for mainly small-scale farmers to promote their interest in the agriculture risk management tool.

This funds are for sensitization and awareness on insurance basis, premium subsidy, data support and fostering lending to the agriculture sector by Financial Institutions. The uptake of agriculture insurance has increased from 3000 beneficiaries to 170,000 beneficiaries.

Build a quality assurance system from the farm through the entire value chain

The Ministry has so far developed an input traceability system and its awaiting piloting for efficiency and effectiveness.

Use of the e-voucher system, under the parish model, to ensure proper distribution of inputs.

The Ministry is using te e-voucher system to distribute inputs in 57 districts under the agriculture cluster development project. The ministry is planning to roll out the e-voucher system under the Parish Development Model.

Set up and equip regional farm service centers

-a one-stop shop for quality agriculture inputs and information-for quality agriculture inputs and information-for bulk input procurement, storage and distribution.

Finalized development of detailed designs, cost estimates and procured civil works for construction of key infrastructure for establishment of Kapeeka Regional farm service center (RFSC).

Mou between NAADS and NEC for construction works for Regional Farmer Services Centre development and works to commence during FY2022/23

Reduce the proportion of households in subsistence agriculture

The percent of households in subsistence economy has reduced from the 68.9% to 39% 56% are in purely subsistence farming.

The ministry has developed the agriculture value chain development strategy with a component to support large scale farmers to boost food and animal feed security.

Establishment of Mini-diary facilities.

The Ministry intended to establishment of four mini-diary processing facilities across the four regions of Uganda to process diary products such as pasteurized milk, yoghurt, ice cream and other related products. However, due to resources constraints and some impediments in implementing the East African trade policy relations has failed the full realization of the Governmrnt efforts in diary farming marketing strategy.

NAADS, Procured two (2) mini diary processing plants of capacity 250L/batch/ hour each for beneficiaries in Isingiro and Sembabule. Contracts signed in June 2022 and delivery to be completed FY2022/23.

The Ministry continued support to diary farmers with inputs such as in-calf heifers, fre pastures seed and pastures, rangeland improved in the national sheds, artificial insermination,drugs, milk collection and bulk cooling facilities. 367 beneficiaries, including youth groups & omen leaders in 33 DLGs were reached.

MAAIF completed Civil works for construction of slabs an anciliary structures for 12 containerized milk coolers for Kamwenge, Kyegegwa, Kyenjojo & Kabalore Districts.

NAADS Completed Civil works for construction of slabs and auxilary structures for 12 containerized milk coolers for Kamwenge & Kabalore district.

District of livestock/stoccking aterials (1,782 heifers, 8,186 pigs, poutry birds 29,950 broilers, 6,000 layers plus 59,950 kroilers and fish-3,969,400 fingerlings)

NAADS Procured and delivered 367 in calf heifer for 367 beneficaries tergeting youth group & women leaders in 33 DLGs.

NAADS Procured and delivered 418,685 Tilapia fish fingerling to 13 DLGs, 206,924 Catfish fingerlings to 6 DLGs as well as 18,987 Kgs of Fish feeds.

NAADS Procured and delivered 30,000 Layer chicken and associated poutry feeds i.e 72,000Kg of Chick and Duck Mash, 60,000Kgs of growers’ mash to 60 beneficiaries in 6 DLGs (Wakiso, Mbarara, Mitooma, Rakai, Mpigi, Budaki) under strategic intervations.

NAAS Procured and delivered 449,600-day old broiler chicks and associated poutry feeds i.e., 49,600Kgs of broiler starter pellets, 57,629Kg of broiler growers’ pellet and 57,118Kg of broiler fisher pellet to beneficiaries under strategic intervetions.

NAADS Procures and delivered 6,500 Rainbow Chicks for 13 beneficiaries in Kabale Muniipality, Bugiri and Rukiga District.

NAADS Procured and delivered 5000 large & 23,000 customized ear tads for hrifers and pigs respectively.


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