Bebe Cool’s Skimpy Dancers Barred from Performing at ‘Enkuuka’


Organisers of the annual CBS/ Buganda sponsored end of year gig, ‘Enkuuka’, barred Bebe Cool’s skimply dressed female dancers for performing for the Kabaka.

As it has been the name in the previous editions of the Enkuuka, the Kabaka of Buganda was in attendance to usher his subjects and revellers into the new year amidst performances from a village of artists that also included Congolese music Veteran Saida Kaloli ‘Wanchekecha’ and Rwanda’s singing duo, Chaly and Nina.

When it came to time for the Gagamel Boss to perform his ‘Katono’ hit, he welcomed his skimpy dancers. In no seconds for them to step on stage, they were sent off and Bebe Cool was left to perform alone.

Reason for this was being it an abomination to show his Loyality the nether regions or any thing seductive as

Cindy did it on one of the previous Kabaka’s birthdays in Bulange, a thing that created alot of crtics and backlash to the organisers.


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