Chameleone Weasel In A Bloody Brawl


A heavy stench of blood hung in the air in Club Rouge last Wednesday after heavy weight Dr Jose Chameleone and his gang beat up younger brother Weasel Mayanja into a near comma. Apparently the fight was unknowingly sparked off by Club Rouge’s MC Kats who chose Chameleone’s Bassima Ogenze as the number one song of 2010. In celebration, the singer flashed the new laser torch he moves with these days into Weasal’s eyes as if telling him that he will always be the bigger star. In response Weasel flashed him the the f**k you sign not once but three times.

An enraged Chameleone sent younger brother AK47 to warn Weasel against insulting him. Not one to be cowed, we hear Weasel told AK47 to go tell Chameleone that his Basima oGenze song was played in Rouge by mistake because it belongs in Obliggato and Wallet Pub. We hear Chamelone was so incensed by the message that he flashed the laser into Weasal’s eyes again and the later responded with the f**k you sign yet again. Within a few minutes Chameleone went straight into the corner where Weasel was and rained punches and kicks on the hapless singer.

His gang was right behind him and went ahead to finish off their boss’ work. By the time they were done with him, Weasal was unrecognizable as he had started swelling and his clothes had been torn to shreds.  By the time the police was called to the club Chameleone and his boys had already left the place. With the aid of good Samaritans weasel limped to his car and drove off to the nearest clinic.



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