State Withdraws Charges Against MP Bobi Wine : But not free yet


The musician turned politician, Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine has been released today from detention following the state’s (Director of Public Prosecution) withdrawal of charges against him.

This is all happening as he is appearing in the court martial chaired by Lt. Gen. Gutti in Gulu for the second time over cases of treason that were charged on him following his arrest in Arua last week.

“It is fair and equitable that the accused person be tried in a civil court where he is to be charged with other suspects. This court, therefore, terminates proceedings against Hon Robert Kyagulanyi. You are set free unless charged with other cases” – Lt Gen. Andrew Gutti

However, there are reports that the court martial might hand the Kyaddondo East Legislator over to the Police for other charges, a thing that his lawyers have vowed not to allow.

“Once the charges are withdrawn, he is a free man. If the police want him, they should summon him. It is improper for the court Martial to hand him over to the police'” Hon. Medard Lubega Segona, one of Bobi Wine’s lawyers said.

Keep posted for more details into this story…


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