COVID 19: Stranded Ugandans in Qatar Facilitated to Return Home

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Thousands of Ugandan Citizens are stranded in different countries around the world due to travel restrictions imposed to limit the spread of coronavirus. Among them, only 2,500 have expressed interest to return home to Uganda and the Government has therefore initiated made plans to start evacuating some of them back home.

The Ugandan embassy in Doha, Qatar has informed Ugandans wishing to return home to register and avail their details. A number of Ugandans got stranded in different countries after the Ugandan government closed borders on March 23 to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

However, Ugandans who were stuck in several foreign countries called upon government to develop plans for their evacuation.

President Museveni in one of his addresses on Covid-19, directed the Prime Minister to liaise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and explore ways to repatriate Ugandans stranded abroad even as the travel ban due to Covid-19 subsisted.

Cabinet, chaired by President Museveni, would later approve the repatriation on condition that the Ugandans in the diaspora who wish to return foot the cost of their airtickets, and would be subjected to mandatory 14-day quarantine on arrival at Entebbe, still at their cost.

Now, the embassy in a statement to the stranded Ugandans living in Qatar, has asked Ugandans interested in returning home to register in preparation to fly to Uganda on 6 June.

“The Embassy of Uganda in Qatar informs Ugandans currently in Qatar who wish to travel back to Uganda that there will be a flight leaving Doha to Entebbe on the 6th June 2020” The statement read.

The Embassy asked those intrested in traveling to avail their details to the Embassy’s email to facilitate processing of ticket payments.

“This is therefore to request, given the short time, those who wish to travel to urgently avail their details to the Embassy’s Email ‘ The Embassy will soon submit the process of ticket payments to those who will have registered through the email above”.

The embassy emphasized that the travelling individuals will have to pay for their travel tickets and expenses.

“NB please note that all passengers will pay for their own tickets”.
Recently the Ministry of Health said all Ugandans returning from foreign countries will be placed under a 14- day Institutional quarantine and they will have to cover their expenses.

So far, 13 Ugandans have returned and were placed under quarantine.
In his last address,, President Museveni said that only 2,500 Ugandans have expressed interest to return home and directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Health to study how government can safely evacuate the Ugandans since most of them are living in highly infected countries.

PUBLIC OUTCRY: It must be noted that repatriation of Ugandans abroad was initiated after a Ugandan Businessman Ben Kavuya was privately supported by Foreign Minister Sam Kuteesa to evacuate his Family members. The entire episode forced the the governments hand to start the process.


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