Driving in Uganda: Important Things to Know


Many travelers would like to at least explore Uganda, the Pearl of Africa! You can take a road trip to take a self drive safari in Uganda,and from our experience we discovered that exploring the country on a self drive vacation is not easy. Though most travelers would like to take a self drive safari, i would advise first time visitors in Uganda against driving yourself given the nature and experience of driving in Uganda. Not only because of the often still bad roads, but also because of the necessary local knowledge and a high degree of “Individuality” other road users. I want to make an example of a “hierarchy” of road users in Uganda clearly:

    1. Heavy vehicles (trucks, buses …)
      Remain always in the middle of the street. Who comes to meet or want to overtake, must find a way (eg, along the ditch or over the top stripes) themselves.
    2. Normal vehicles (cars, SUVs, mini-buses …)
      Individual advancement is in the foreground. All others – vulnerable road users – avoid the road or stop, get off and go off the road. On the bad roads is always a danger for pedestrians with mud and slush to be splashed.
    3. Taxis and motorbike taxis
      Always looking for an ideal line. Many taxis probably only put on “divine tool” which makes the glued Proverbs, and especially the behavior of the driver suspect. The tailgate is marked clearly visible in taxis as “Emergency Exit”. Problematic it can be to get on and off, especially in the cities, or if they stop unexpectedly to passengers.
    4. Pedestrians and cyclists
      Are holding at the approach of a motor vehicle or to stay and leave the roadway if possible. Their motto: “He who stands in your way is your own fault.”
    5. Children
      Stand and play anywhere along the roads. Race unexpectedly onto the street to wave to passing tourists vehicles. Nevertheless, even the smallest seemingly a natural “respect” for the road to find and almost never enter the roadway.
    6. Animals
      Are the best anywhere and stay off the road if they want to survive.


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