Museveni:‘ UPDF and Police Mismanaged Tourists’ Murder Scene

Kasese Tourist Murder Scene

President Yoweri Museveni recently shared details about his direct involvement in managing the aftermath of the tragic murder of two British tourists and their driver in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Approximately two weeks after the incident on October 17th, Museveni revealed that the initial response from the police and UPDF (Uganda People’s Defense Forces) was not up to the mark.

Speaking at the passing out ceremony of 2000 police recruits in Masindi, Museveni explained how he had to take charge personally after learning about the mishandling of the crime scene.

According to him, the initial investigation was flawed as the security teams on the ground failed to utilize proper methods. Instead of bringing in police dogs to trace the suspects, they relied solely on visual inspection, leading to contamination of the crime scene.

Expressing his frustration, Museveni shared that he took immediate action by contacting the team at the scene the next morning. He provided instructions, emphasizing the use of police dogs in the investigation.

He highlighted the unusual situation where he, as the President, had to make calls and give directives, indicating the severity of the mismanagement.

Eventually, a police dog was brought in, but Museveni mentioned that it followed the assailants for 15km before getting tired and sitting down. Unfortunately, there was no replacement dog available.

Museveni expressed his disappointment, stating that if the initial handling of the crime scene had been proper, all the suspects could have been apprehended within hours.

The President’s involvement sheds light on the challenges faced during the investigation and the importance of proper crime scene management for effective law enforcement.


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