IGG Takes the Fight to Luweero

Betty Kamya

The Inspector General of Government has pledged to investigate every land matter in Luweero in a period of three months.

This was after a Baraza she held in Wobulenzi town council in which residents decried rampant land grabbing cases.

As part of the campaign to involve the public in fighting Betty Kamya made an impromptu visit to Wobulenzi Target Community School to check on service delivery within the area.

She pledged to touch the “so called untouchables” who have made service delivery poor in different government institutions.

She addressed residents of the poor. The locals reported oppression of the poor. The locals are not also sidelined from building with the the main business center.

Some leaders also collaborate with the rich to take poor people’s land.

The Bukalasa land office was also reported to be part of the “land scams” an incident that the IGG promised to investigate.

The IGG set an ultimatum of three months to follow with the issues that were addressed by the people.

Beti Kamya vowed to employ all the powers she has to deliver justice to the people.


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