Spanish Prime Minister: “Spain is not Uganda”

Uganda is Not Spain

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has provoked online outrage from Ugandans after allegations emerged that he compared his country’s economic state to that of Uganda’s in a text message to his finance minister.

As the finance minister headed into bailout negotiations with eurozone officials, Rajoy reportedly texted: “We’re the number four power in Europe, Spain is not Uganda”, in an effort to encourage him to stay strong in securing a bailout package.

The comment sparked a flurry of tweets from Ugandans who saw the remarks as offensive. Spain’s El Mundo newspaper picked up the story, running with the quote “Spain is not Uganda” in its headline.

Several Ugandans have responded to what some call “insulting” remarks from the Spanish PM.

Former Africa Big Brother star Gaetano Kagwa first tweeted;  “I guess that is why Spain is dying for a bailout while we in Uganda have money to buy jets and oil to swim in”  In another tweet he said “Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy should have been paying attention to his economy to start with instead of catching a siesta”

According to El Mundo, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy sent the stunning text message to Finance Minister Guindos prior to the bailout negotiations. He said, according to El Muno editor Pablo Rodriguez: “Resistir, somos la potencia cuarta de la EZ. España no es Uganda”.

Loose translation; “We’re a major power, not some random IMF case banana Republic”

According to the World Bank, while Spain’s economy contracted over the past few years with 0.9 percent, -3.7 percent(recession) and 0.1 percent growth.

Uganda cruised along at a merry 9 percent, 7.2, then 5.2. The country might be having a little inflationary problem with the paper currency but it does not seem to be in immediate danger of collapsing alongside the banks like Spain.

Not long ago, the letters IMF meant rescuing the so-called developing world. Today, it has become synonymous with saving indebted Westerners from the consequences of their bloated addiction to big Government & consumerism.


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