Airtel Africa Launches Airtel Care App


Airtel Africa launched an interactive mobile app for its customers called Airtel Care aimed to improve it’s customer care. In Uganda the app was launched under the name “My Airtel My App”( MAMA ). This is a key step by Airtel Telecom towards service innovation.

The “My Airtel My App”( MAMA ) is the on the Ugandan market giving more to consumers by letting them access their own world of Airtel on the go. The app manages your Airtel mobile, Airtel money, connections at work, home or anywhere else.

With this customers are able to check account usage, make payments or recharge, send money, start and stop services. It is not only limited to account features but users shall be able to get special offers, order games and other online benefits as the app continues to grow.

As Airtel money is being used more with its’ partnerships and more are yet to come, customers shall be able to stay in control of your bills and know what’s going on with their Airtel accounts, from anywhere.

Airtel’s Acting Managing Director, Arindam Chakrabarty commented on the app and said,

“The proliferation of smart phones in Uganda has made access to apps and data-based content very easy for our customers and has presented us with an opportunity to be able to better serve their needs. This new app is the start of a series of similar launches on the Airtel network that will enable our subscribers to make the best use of the latest technology.”

We couldn’t find it on the App store but on the Play Store you can find it here.


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