Uganda Police Working on CCTV Integrated Public Safety Network Project


Uganda police is working on an integrated public safety network project aimed to keep the Kampala streets safe from any criminal activities and crack down on any suspected terrorist activities by using CCTV surveillance cameras installed around Kampala.

These CCTV surveillance cameras have been spotted in Kampala around Serena hotel areas.

It should be known that such a project was also implemented during 2007 Commonwealth Summit meeting (CHOGM) where mini CCTV were deployed around Mini Price areas and others areas in Kampala using MTN’s wireless WiMAX network as a transmission link back to the Police monitoring center.

The government went back to the drawing board and has now hatched the Integrated Public Safety Network project that will encompass earlier and new implementations to cover a larger part of the city.

This project will be changing it network user from MTN’s WiMAX to the fiber backbone infrastructure from NITA Uganda’s e-government project to connect the different CCTVs.


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