Top Officials Blamed for Road Accidents


During the validation workshop for the National Road Action Plan, Kumi Municipality Mp Silas Aogo blamed the rampant road accidents in Uganda on the misuse of roads by the VIPs.

While addressing the audience at the Workshop on National Road Action Plan which was held this week, Mr. Silas Aogo stated, ” VIPs are part of the road crash mess and are the biggest problem on our roads. They drive on the wrong sides of the road. Their chauffeurs drive as if they have cocaine in their heads. The problem starts from the top”.

The national road Action Plan was launched earlier this week by the Ministry of Works and Transport. The 10-year plan precedents Uganda’s failure to attain the 2010-2020 UN decade for Action Plan where UN members strived at attaining a 50% decrease in road accidents.

It is only two countries that achieved the goal, this was Brazil and Sweden. This made the UN come up with another plot that will be concluded in 2030. Members are requested to lay strategies for attaining the set target hence coming up with the action plan.

According to the 2019 police report, 6800 road accidents were registered of which most of them involved motorcycles.


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